5 Points For School Board Campaign

Brian Gale // 9-6-2022

  1. The internet and discernment. We are in a new era of education. There is almost nothing you can’t learn with a very little time and an internet connection. With this incredible explosion of information, how can a student determine which information is correct and beneficial, and which is misleading, or false? Critical thinking and discernment is needed now more than ever.
  2. Mental health for juveniles. In the last couple years, between the fiction of social media and the isolation of Covid there has been an enormous expansion of psychological distress of our youth. Incidence of depression and even suicide have vastly increased and we haven’t made any significant changes to counteract the contemporary stressors that our youth are now facing. Principles of cognitive behavioral therapy can be taught and will be helpful to the children.
  3. Recruiting teachers. One way to entice teachers to work here is to have a four-day school week. Many schools throughout America have already instituted four-day weeks, and a few of the schools in our district have already implemented it, with great success. If the parents of students request it for their school, I will wholeheartedly approve, vote in favor, and attempt to persuade the other district members to do the same.
  4. Acknowledging the unique success of America. In a list of countries, ranked by the number of foreign born residents, America is first, and has more foreign born residents than the next four countries combined. What this says is that people of the world want to relocate here far more than to any other country. Why is that? While it can certainly be debated, I hold that they want to come here for freedom. Our children have absolutely no idea how incredibly unique our country is, and as a school board member it will be my priority to make sure they understand how exceptional this nation is, and WHY.
  5. Deflating the bloated administration. There is a certain mentality that seems to exist that a teacher with ambition can put in their time and get out of the classroom by getting a plum job in administration. I believe we have far too many administrators dedicated to not being in the classroom. I will work toward having every administrative position be required to teach at least 10 hours every week. I don’t mind administrators being paid handsomely, but if they really are worth the extra pay, then they certainly won’t mind keeping their skills sharp in the classroom. And if they really are that valuable, that’s exactly the kind of high-caliber educator we want to interact with our children.

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